Temptation central

At the agency where I intern, I sit directly next to the conference room. And the conference room table is where my coworkers put all their leftover sugary holiday foods so they don’t have to keep them in their own houses. So, alllllll day long today, I was sitting next to this:


I restrained myself and grabbed one of these to have for dessert after lunch (they are authentic Austrian chocolates that a coworker bought in Prague over the holiday, so I had to have one for cultural exploration purposes):



I also managed to score another orange (which I brought home for use at a later time):


if you can't tell, my desk calendar doubles as a placemat at work 🙂

And then, something very exciting happened while I was eating lunch! One of my coworkers (hi myrna!) had extra sancocho, a Dominican soup/stew that seems to have everything under the sun in it, so she let me sample some:


It was sooooo good. She said the soup is thickened with a puree of plantains and pumpkin, two of my very favorite foods. I am going to have to look into how I can make this myself. Does anybody know?

As promised, I broke into my authentic four-layer Austrian chocolate ball after lunch:

dark chocolate, praline paste (!!!), more chocolate, and marzipan with pistachios (!!!)

out to in: dark chocolate, praline paste (!!!), more chocolate, and marzipan with pistachios (!!!)

And there’s more! A little bit later, Myrna (again) came around with some Godiva dark chocolate-covered almonds. I had these two:

I'm really enjoying my calendar as a photography background!

I must say that I am enjoying my calendar as a photography background.

Dinner will be along shortly …

2 thoughts on “Temptation central

  1. Gina Boland says:

    We’ve been having tons of leftover holiday cookies back by the water cooler at work. Luckily I don’t sit near there, but I do pass by every time I need water or the bathroom! But I managed not to eat any! This tin keeps refilling itself though, I swear, it’s a bottomless pit. I hope they’re gone tomorrow, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!


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