Twelve cups of healthy

In typical Sunday fashion, I spent allll day today preparing food for the week. Even though I have tomorrow off, I kept to my Sunday routine because I love it. There’s nothing more relaxing than a day of creating and tasting food!

First, I started on this week’s batch of crockpot oats. I decided to make carrot cake oats when I found two items of questionable freshness (belonging to the roommates of course since I have a mind like a steel-trap when it comes to my own food!) in the fridge while I was cleaning it yesterday. Slimy baby carrots:


And fermented pineapple:


Since I’d be cooking everything, I figured any unfriendly bacteria/fermentation would burn off. I grated the carrots, crushed the pineapple, shredded an apple, and zested an entire orange:


I also added 1 Tbsp fresh grated ginger and 1 cup fresh frozen cranberries. The mix-ins:


Because I’m out of steel-cut oats, I substituted 1/2 cup rye berries and 1/2 cup kamut (other whole grains). Other than that, I followed my crockpot oats procedure exactly, using the 5-hour low-heat method. The recipe made a little over 6 cups. I ate the “over” topped with plain yogurt icing and cinnamon:


Next project was Red Lentil-Peanut Soup. My roommate Tara made a similar soup last weekend following a Weight Watchers recipe, and it smelled so good that I’ve been craving lentils all week. The peanut butter addition was my idea, and I must say that it was a fabulous one!


Also during the fridge cleanup yesterday, I found these grape tomatoes in desperate need of assistance:


I’ve never been one to ignore tomatoes in distress, so I chopped them and added them to the soup, too. And half of the chicken broth I used was my very own homemade stock that I’ve had frozen since I made it from a chicken I bought at the farmers’ market in November.

Just like with the oatmeal, the soup made a little over six cups … and I ate the “over”:


Soooooo good! I barely had 1/2 cup of this soup, and I was instantly satisfied. Or almost satisfied, since I followed the soup with my last two pieces of peppermint salt water taffy. Then I was satisfied.

9 thoughts on “Twelve cups of healthy

  1. Danielle says:

    Hey Sarah just wanted to answer the question you left on my blog about Montreal Chicken seasoning. Here’s a link-

    It’s really good blend, they also make it for steak. I’m sure if you have all those spices in your cabinet it would be easy to replicate it without buying it.
    The ingredients are:
    It’s not too salty but I definitely limit the amount I use so as to keep the sodium level down.
    And look at you using up all those forgotten veggies, it’s got to be a crime to waste fresh produce! Good for you for taking advantage of it.


  2. Hangry Pants says:

    That is some serious oatmeal and I love the soup idea!

    Yes, that was me who posted about the King Arthur wraps. I kind of forgot that, so thanks for reminding me. I need to organize the things I’ve made on the blog better!



  3. Melinda says:

    hey girl, thanks for commenting on my first post! all of your pictures are so beautifully detailed, i love em! your sunday cooking ritual is great, too– it’s something i’ve been trying to make myself do for awhile now. since i have the day off today too, maybe i’ll do it tonight 🙂 have a great day!


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