Beach run


Running on fresh snow to and from the gym this morning was almost like running on beach sand. Or that’s what I tried to tell myself. I went a little later than normal because I have today off, so I had a spoonful of peanut butter before I left to tide me over until breakfast. The gym was so packed!! I miss my little 5am crew. There was a class in the group room, so I couldn’t get an aerobics step and instead did arms balancing on the Bosu — didn’t have the same heart rate effects as a step, obviously, but at least it kept my legs and “core” engaged, blah blah. And, of course, 30 minutes on the stairs with InStyle. Stats from the HRM: 1 hour, 12 mins; 473 calories; 155 average heart rate.

Breakfast was a no-brainer. A full cup of my carrot cake crockpot oats from yesterday, half cup yogurt, drizzle of honey, sprinkles of cinnamon and coconut:


Now I’m lounging around with a pot of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea (mmm!), and I have plans for a run with Kate at 1:00 since neither of us feels like journeying to midtown for running club on a vacation day!

P.S. After all my snacking while cooking yesterday, I finally got hungry around 9:30 last night and had Banana Fudge VitaTop with peanut butter. Here’s a cross-section:


P.P.S. Oh She Glows is having another Honest Foods giveaway!! Enter here!

5 thoughts on “Beach run

  1. Emily says:

    Hey; you just commented on my blog and now I’m commenting on yours, it’s like blog tag! I didn’t realize you were close to the park; (I actually live like a foot from the park!) once it’s a little warmer – I’m a wimp – we should go for a run togther.



  2. Sarah says:

    I thought the same thing while I was going to the gym this morning—I was pretending that the sand was snow and imagining that it was actually warm out! Trekking through the mounds of snow was actually a great leg workout!


  3. biz319 says:

    I love that tea! I bought that and peppermint candy cane for my co-workers this year. I love the holiday flavors!

    Nice trying to think that snow is sand – bet the air didn’t feel like the beach though!

    Lucky you are off today!


  4. Melinda says:

    oh man, you’re brave… i could never run in the snow!! luckily my campus gym is super close so i can just head over there and have a wimpy indoor workout 😉 and ohhhmygoddd, that vitamuffin looks so freaking good!!


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