Snow run

As planned, Kate came over this afternoon so we could go on our own run instead of heading into the city for running club tonight. I’m so glad we went when we did because it started snowing as soon as we stepped out the door. Most of the sidewalks were still lacking a good shovel, so the going was slow and our legs got a serious workout. I tried to pretend it was beachy sand again … but I must have used up all my imagination magic this morning. The snow got progressively heavier as the run went on — I could hardly see by the end. My next running investment will have to be a pair of ski goggles! Stats: 43 minutes, 4.23 miles, 410 calories (total for today is 888), average heart rate 165, highest heart rate 179.

For lunch, I started with red cabbage. So pretty before it’s cooked!


After chopping and steaming the red cabbage, I mixed it with the rest of last week‘s sofrito rice from the freezer.


And of course I heated a heaping cup of yesterday’s red lentil-peanut soup. I can’t say enough about this soup! It’s so thick and filling — a perfect winter meal. I garnished it with a little piece of basil from my basil plant to make it prettier:


Lunch from the rice’s point of view:


For dessert, I had more sugar cookie sleigh ride tea alongside some pumpkin yogurt:


I used 1/2 yogurt, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/4 large banana (some mashed, some chopped), 1/2 apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger:


I feel completely satisfied right now and nowhere in the vicinity of hunger … but I’m guessing the 888 calorie burn will catch up with me soon enough and I’ll be at it again!

2 thoughts on “Snow run

  1. Christina says:

    pumpkin yogurt! that’s one of my favorites during the winter! (with some crushed walnuts, a little ground flaxseed, & some kashi heart-to-heart honey toasted)

    i also tried pumpkin cottage cheese the other time (same thing, but replace yogurt with cottage cheese) and it was really good too!


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