Happy lunch thwarted

… by an even happier lunch!!


*** But first, remember to get cracking on your date recipes for those BSI submissions. The contest is open to everyone, even if you don’t have a blog. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check here for more information along with a running list of submissions.***

Now back to lunch. Upon her arrival at work this morning, my coworker Vianni made a beeline for me and immediately started unloading tupperwares onto my desk, before she even took off her coat: “Sarah, I have food for you!” Do I not have the most amazing coworkers ever? I left my tofu and veggies in the fridge to eat on Friday (no internship tomorrow because I have class) and replaced them with Vianni’s home cooked meal. She made gandules guisados:


And this amazing spicy (as in very seasoned — not spicy hot) chicken:


It was delicious. Thank you, Vianni!

Danger, Danger, Danger

Then, my very sweet yet evil coworker Jessica broke out this canister of candy cane caramel corn that she had gotten as a Christmas gift.



I started out conservatively by crumbling a few pieces on top of my yogurt. From there, things started to deterioriate very rapidly. Here’s a quick photo recap of some damage:



Next up was the candies: lots of pillow mints from the candy jar, a random iced tea flavored candy (that tasted exactly like iced tea!), and a mini candy cane:


After work and a whole lot of subway drama, I made it downtown to the NYU career center to be an informal mentor for an hour to give advice about grad school and working in the non-profit arena. But I think the students were giving me more advice than I was giving them, haha! While there, I snacked on two more mints and a chai tea (made with skim milk and 1/2 pack of sugar in the raw) and swiped four bags of mini honey grams for another time:



From there, Kate (of running club fame) and I hopped over to a nearby organic restaurant for the first event of NYU’s Green Alumni Network. We had a delicious and free dinner that will be showing up in restaurant review form shortly!

After dinner, I got home and made a little desserty snack of two broken pieces of the new honey graham sticks and a tablespoon of my healthy cream cheese icing:


And now I’m finally done for the night. Sleep tight!

5 thoughts on “Happy lunch thwarted

  1. Allison says:

    LOL – your post made me think of the Office (do you watch??) where Andy suggests they “record a new incoming message with a little more zing and pep” – and then Jim says “we should record a new incoming message with EVEN MORE ZING AND PEP” – lol….god I hope you watch the Office, otherwise you’ll think I’m crazy!


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