Happy lunch

** PSA: Remember that the Blogger Secret Ingredient contest is back in full swing. Submit your date recipes by Sunday to talesofexpansion@gmail.com! **

No gym this morning, so I slept until 7am, whaaaaaat. While I raced around getting ready, a cup of Zucchini-Lime Cheesecake Oatmeal was heating in the oven. Here it is getting steamy with 1/3 cup healthy cream cheese icing and two chopped strawberies:


As you can see, lunch was super-pumped to get eaten today:



Hair = enormous navel orange (I ate all its babies last night while packing)

Left eye = 1/2 cup yogurt with banana, apple, strawberries, almond extract, 1 tbsp part-skim ricotta, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger

Right eye = GC-style baked tofu and roasted veggies

Nose = 1/3 cup Wholly Guacamole (it was 1/2 cup until I ate some while packing) for carrot-dipping

Mouth = carrot sticks

Tonight is going to be another late night full of surprise foods. I’m going to be a mentor at an NYU career services event (because I know all the answers, obviously) and then maybe an NYU alumni happy hourish thing. I’ll be back later to report!

5 thoughts on “Happy lunch

  1. Gina Boland says:

    Hey Sarah-I’ve been in hibernation mode all week and I thought I’d be in Boston today but we postponed the trip. I’m catching up on your blog after staying far away from the computer all weekend, then being too sick to read about food! I like your happy face lunch. Did you go the Green Alumni thing tonight? Let me know how it was!


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