New woman

Last night’s bedtime snack:


A dark chocolate Godiva heart filled with chocolate goo!



Onto today! Not only have I been taking pictures with my very own camera again (Erin, thanks again for sending the battery to me!), but I am also blogging from my very own computer! That’s right — my new adapter arrived today, so I could finally charge my latop again. My roommate Brigitte’s camera and computer have valiantly kept me afloat this past week (thank you, Brig!!), but it’s so nice to be back to my own gear. I feel like myself again!

I started this morning with my favorite 5am workout — 5 minutes jog to the gym, 15 minutes arms with free weights on an aerobics step, 30 minutes stairmaster, 10 minutes abs/stretching, 5 minutes jog home. Stats: 1 hour and 12 minutes, 422 calories, average heart rate 126, max heart rate 157.

Breakfast was more gingerbread spice crockpot oats:


For this morning’s oats, I actually stirred in the egg yolk that was left from ravioli-making last night and then baked it at 375 for 40 minutes. Nothing goes to waste around here! With 1/2 cup healthy cream cheese icing, two crumbled graham sticks, and more powdered ginger:


I love love love gingerbread oatmeal. I would make it every week if I could. Come to think of it, why can’t I??

I ate lunch around noon, right before the parents’ group. Kale and date curry with brown basmati:


Yogurt with apple, banana, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, and grumbled graham stick:




I ate the equivalent of one more orange in the group :-O.

Jessica restocked Belkis’ candy jar, and it was suddenly full again today:


I found (and ate!) some pretty crazy stuff. I had the standard three pillow mints of course:


And a wild apple bubble-gum lollipop and a tootsie roll:







And … wait for it … a chicken lollipop!!


So weird, right? It actually tasted like canned peaches with a bit of heat to them. Here’s another angle:


I might die tonight from the ingredients, but I think I’d be ok with that since at least I got to experience candy chicken on a stick first:


After my final visit of the day around 4:30, I dug out my broccoli trees and hummus:


And my apple:


And with that, the week was over!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh …

After work, I met Vani from Fit for Free briefly for a little impromptu tea exchange. She stopped by to pick up her participation gift from the BSI: Dates contest I hosted last week (Kath and I decided to split the tea portion of her winnings amongst the participants since she’s drowning in tea as it is!). Vani was so sweet (and beautiful!) in real life, and she brought me a little treat, too:


Inside the package, I found an array of very useful tea types considering my frenzied pace lately. Calm bedtime tea, peppermint tea, pink lemonade emergen-c, organic Indian vanilla creme tea (wicked excited for this one!), and TJ’s pomegranate white tea:


Thanks, Vani! I’m so excited to try these new flavors:-).

For dinner, I had the other half of my BSI Spinach entry: Citrus-Berry Spinach and Goat Cheese Ravioli with Balsamic Glaze:






Thanks for choosing spinach as the ingredient, Brandi! Eating this was so fun :-).

Dessert was a chocolate fig vitatop with peanut butter and chopped apples:


What a satisfying food day!

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy one, too … but fun busy (finally!). Among other things, Kate and I have a 7-mile run planned as part of our Brooklyn half marathon training, though HangryPants Heather has passed a rumor my way that the Brooklyn half is no longer happening??? I am off to go check into this now!

9 thoughts on “New woman

  1. AnAppleADay says:

    OMG I LOVE Godiva! Looks delicious!!!

    those raviolies definitely look HOLY YUM!

    what’s the cream cheese icing you use on your oats?


  2. Kate says:

    eeek! I was on the NYRR site the other day, and I noticed it wasn’t there, and I figured that it was just because we couldn’t start registering yet. Maybe we should consider the More half-marathon at the end of April?


  3. fitforfree says:

    I think you just gave away your roots w/ “wicked excited”!
    sorry if I was in a tizzy when I stopped by! (long week…) The tea without a wrapper is Celestial Seasons “tension tamer” tea 🙂


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