The end of an (oatmeal) era

I slept until 9 this morning!!! That’s a record — I usually only “sleep in” until 7:30 when the sun and the birds start coming out. Earplugs are saving my life, let me tell you.

Heather noticed that the little doll/decoration that I knocked over and had to glue back together on Thursday had red hair and wondered if people have been giving me red-haired things all my life since, you know, I’m a redhead. The answer, unfortunately, is no. This is why:

with siblings at high school graduation party in 2000 (I'm on the right)

with siblings at high school graduation party in 2000 (I'm on the right)

That’s right — in some sort of biological accident, I was born with BROWN hair.

On to the oats …

I was hungry the second I got out of bed, so I threw my last serving of gingerbread crockpot oats into the oven. You might be happy that these oats are gone since this is the sixth day in a row you’ve had to hear about them, but I am very sad to say goodbye :-(. I usually take a million pictures of my oats and then choose two to post, but today I can’t choose and I’m going to show you more. I won’t make a habit of this, I promise.

with 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 crumbled graham sticks, and more powdered ginger

with 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 crumbled graham sticks, and more powdered ginger





And tomato plant tea on the side:


chocolate caramel enchantment chai with unsweetened silk

Around 11:30, I got hungry again, so I refilled the hot water in my tea and made a happy snack:


A tbsp pb split between ants on a 1/3 banana log:


And a juicy Medjool date:


The existence of the Brooklyn half marathon may be up in the air, but I’m feeling psyched for my imminent 7-mile run in the sunny FORTY degrees we have going on outside. I think I’m going to be able to swap my running tights for capris today, yayyyyy!!

13 thoughts on “The end of an (oatmeal) era

  1. erin says:

    i should have waited – it was freezing this morning when i ran! i had tears streaming down my face the whole time. i’ve been on a peanut butter kick lately… i’m sure it has nothing to do with you.


  2. erin says:

    oh, and i’m proud of you for coming clean about the hair. although i know you’ll go back to telling me you’re a redhead next time i see you.


  3. Christina says:

    hey-o! 40 degree weather!!!

    it was 50 and sunny here today TOO! I can actually see grass, and a side walk!

    i went to shorts and a long sleeve with a dri-fit underneath. just perfect.


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