Jelly belly

In other words, get ready for lots of candy and lots of beans. I can’t believe the day is finally done! Now I get to wake up tomorrow morning and do it all again. Except I’ll be replacing the class portion of the evening with a movie, haha. Not SO incredibly draining :-).

Mid-morning snack happened at 10:30 with my sugar cookie sleigh ride tea and some yogurt:


This was 1/2 cup plain yogurt with 1/3 banana, 1/2 chopped apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and 1 tbsp kashi golean crunch on top:


I put the Kashi on when I packed the lunch last night because I love how the soggy/chewy texture it gets from sitting in yogurt. Almost like oatmeal, which we all know is a major addiction of mine.

Kind of like candy. I bought myself these sugar-free mints hoping they would slow me down on the candy front because I’d actually rather eat real sugar than fake sugar. But it did not work because I had four of these today:


Which would not have been so bad had I not also discovered this candy tin in the 2nd floor kitchen at work during the parents’ group:


I think I ate about four candies from that? Ohhh, right, and two giant lollipops, once of which was another candy chicken:



I really love these chickens, though. It gets spicer as you go because of all the chili powder inside. I tried to capture the texture in that second picture. Can you tell? It makes me want to try grilling peaches with cayenne pepper or something. And, um, I’m pretty sure I also ate another chewy strawberry fang. So the sugar-free mints were not effective. They were a complete failure.

Someone brought these mini pumpkin muffins in from Whole Foods. I was tempted, but the first ingredient was sugar. In a pumpkin muffin? Come on, WF! And, errr, since we all know how opposed to sugar I am, I did not eat any of these.


Except that there were crumbs left in the muffin cups when the muffins were gone:


And since I have this compulsion about not letting anything go to waste and all …


Yeah, I might as well have just eaten a muffin. I know.

Then it was time for the parents’ group. I had packed a lunch (of course) since you never know, but I’ll just save it for later in the week (there’s a rumor afoot that Vianni’s bringing me more food tomorrow). But anyway, Inginia made the lunch for the parents’ group. I had about 1/3 of this bowl of the crispy rice from the side of the pot. Yes, it was white rice, but do you see how perfectly crispy it is???


I had two bowls like this for lunch:


I made a soup salad combo, so one side was for these amazing beans cooked in pork broth:


The other side was veggie soup (with the best shiitake mushrooms in it!):


I followed the bowls with another cup of steaming hot beans, mmmmm:


And (maybe 5 cheez-its and) a graham cracker:


My 4:30 pm snack was this orange:


And samples of manchego cheese and hot chocolate at 5:45 while on the way to class:


At about 6:45, I broke into my dinner: 1/2 cup of kale & date curry (still delicious!) and 1/2 piece of the pumpkin kibbi I made last night (both recipes are on the sidebar):


My last bite of the night came in the form of this apple around 7:15:


I left class at 8, got home at 9, blogged till 9:30, and now it is bedtime. I’m tired. Are you tired?

7 thoughts on “Jelly belly

  1. carolinebee says:

    HA that chicken is hilaaarious- I worked with an awesome volunteer org in college that mentored young kids in the area, and they were all obsessed with the little candies from Mexico that were slathered in chili or other crazy spices!! I can’t hang with those ๐Ÿ˜€ Have a good night rest up!


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