The best mornings start with pb


But before breakfast, I continued my quest for pumped up workout intensity. I did arms and steps this morning, using higher weights on the arms like I did Wednesday. I went back to the “fat burner” program on the StairMaster (it actually has more speed and resistance variety than the “speed intervals” program), but I increased the level from 9 to 11. I certainly felt like I was working harder, but my HRM didn’t show as drastic of a change as I had expected: 1 hour and 10 minutes, 404 calories, 124 average heart rate, 178 max. I’ll keep working on it …

After the gym, I ate another overnight concoction of sorts. Last night, I mixed the last cup of “pumpkin plus” puree with 1/4 cup dry steel-cut oats. This morning, I put it in the oven for 30 minutes while I got ready and then topped it with 2/3 cooked apple, 1/4 cup yogurt (because the puree already had ricotta in it), 2 crumbled graham sticks, 1 spoon pb, cinnamon, and nutmeg:


Sometimes I like my oats more pudding-y — like when I do them in the crockpot — but overnight steel-cut oats have a very satisfying chewiness to them:


I had the oatmeal with a tall mug of black tea with soymilk and a tall glass of agua:


Be back tonight with the rest of today’s food! Are you happy it’s Friday?

9 thoughts on “The best mornings start with pb

  1. foodsthatfit says:

    I must say your oats looks awesome! I love cooked apples! Yesterday I chopped up an apple that was on it’s last leg and microwaved it with cinnamon and splenda, it tasted like apple pie filling! Have a great day!


  2. mom says:

    Love almond butter,specially fresh ground from Whole Foods. Smuckers is the best pnut butter,has the least am’t of natural toxin found in peanuts( which sadly would seem to rule out fresh ground p’nuts). That’s why I stick with almond butter. If this sounds fishy to you, you could look it upand clarify. Love and tons of hugs and kisses, Mom.


  3. snackface says:

    Peanut butter definitely makes a morning! Oh I just caught up on your last post- SO GLAD you got eye masks! Holla for sleeping in! I’m super-pumped it’s friday- and a bit terrified. Opening night of a show does that to a person. I hope you have a lovely day and weekend! And that you sleep in lots and lots!


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