The sugar monster is back

Ahhhh, must get a grip on the sugar craze!

My morning snack was this delicious strawberry Trio bar (once again from Tina’s Carrots ‘N’ Cake Valentine’s day prize package).


This bar definitely tasted as good as it looks … real strawberry essence and packed with satisfying nuts and seeds and crunch:picture-026

In addition to my soup and yogurt, Myrna gave me some of her mangu (salted mashed plantains) and fried cheese, yummmmmm:


And then, because there’s always something to celebrate at my office, I had three slices of angel food cake with thick thick chocolate fudge icing and chocolate-covered strawberries:



And that totally set me off on a sugar binge for the rest of the afternoon! Before my visit, I had a Riesen and two big lollipops:


And after my visit, I ate the grapes I packed and the rest of Heather’s skittles:


Again, I need to get a grip. Hopefully all the sleep I get this weekend with my new eye mask will help bring back my sanity and self-control!!

Now, I’m off for a mini-blogger dinner with two lovely ladies: Emily of Super Caloric Chalk Dust and Vani from Fit for Free. You can be sure you will hear all about the meal when I get back!

Who has battle tips for fighting the sugar monster??

8 thoughts on “The sugar monster is back

  1. Olga says:

    i wish i was armed with tips how to fight off the sugaaaa monstaaaa but it’s just so good! I think it’s fine to indulge, we only live once! I ❤ the angel food cake and strawberries YUUUMM

    have a good time at the mini blogger dinner! Hopefully a big one happens in March!


  2. Sweetie Pie says:

    Now I really want a chocolate covered strawberry. If it is possible to send the sugar monster to someone else, you may have just sent him to my house. Your worries may be over. 😉

    Sugar is a tough one for me too. Occasionally, fruit will fix it. Sometimes I sip hot tea and try not to think about it. Othertimes… well… I eat it!


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