Chained to the computer

Ahhh, technology is driving me insane! Hunter has this big push to make the social work program more “current” and is mandating that all courses have an online component. But the online Blackboard has SO many bugs, and it literally took me four hours to leave a comment about one of the articles I read for class. Gah!

Anywayyyyy, my quinoa salad from Friday night made its final appearance as today’s lunch. With more soymilky chocolate caramel enchantment chai (same tea bag, new water) and a stuffed tomato on the side:


Reassembly of the quinoa salad took place in much the same way as it did yesterday: salad greens on the bottom, warmed salad “substance” in the middle, re-toasted tortilla strips on the top:


I beefed up the salad by sauteeing the quinoa mix with the scrambled egg yolk and kale stems left from last night’s BSI adventures, 2 chopped asparagus spears, and 2 chopped mushrooms. I also mixed in 1/4 chopped cucumber and sprinkled 1/2 tbsp fat free feta on top:


The tomato is stuffed with leftover filling from the Stuffed Kale Leaves I made last night:


I had a little snacky mid-afternoon:


Chopped pear and banana sprinkled with nutmeg (and eaten with a toothpick for fun):


And a banana boat — slices of banana on a sliver of toasted flax and fiber bread with a tsp of pb and a sprinkle of cinnamon:


[Insert 10,000 of the worst expletives you can imagine directed at Blackboard right now, grrrrrrrrrrr!]

For dinner, I finally got to try a substantial amount of each of my BSI: Kale creations. Three slices of Kale-Crust Pizza and three Stuffed Kale Leaves:


I had the stuffed leaves cold and reheated and re-crisped the pizza slices on a pizza stone in the oven.


Both of these were so delicious. I almost feel guilty saying that since they are my recipes, but ahh, I’m so impressed! The textures, the flavors … incredible. I always get surprised when my kitchen experiments work out. Thank goodness for the BSI — if I didn’t need to be creative and crafty, I probably would have been having steamed kale for dinner tonight!

Dessert was an assortment of little tastes:


Taste #1 was half of a small baked sweet potato with plain yogurt and cinnamon:


Taste #2 was a mess with yogurt, kashi golean crunch, strawberries, cookie crumbs, and a chopped/crumbled piece of Lindst hazelnut chocolate:


Taste #3 was Italian cookie pieces and the other half of last night’s Sassy Mango-Lime dark chocolate truffle:


And now, I’ve had it with this online homework disaster!! Sorry, Blackboard, we are going to have to part ways for the night because you’re wasting my time. Ohhhhhh well. Laterzzzz. What’s the most frustrating waste of your time?

Have a good night, and enjoy these few remaining weekend hours!

14 thoughts on “Chained to the computer

  1. fitforfree says:

    your bsi is brilliant! I’ve had wonderful stuffed cabbage but never kale. and everytime you mention that chocolate caramel tea my mouth starts watering.

    biggest waste of time = shoddy internet connection


  2. Sarah says:

    ugh, i hate blackboard too. My biggest waste of time right now is the fact that i dont have internet in my room and i keep trying and trying to load it when i obviously know its not going to work and then after like 10 minutes of frustration i have to go stand in the cold, dark hall wall and hold my laptop in one hand because it gross to sit on the floor. oh, the things i do for blog love.

    sweet potato+yogurt. WHY did i never think of that!


  3. snackface says:

    Gahhh blackboard blows!!! I love all the “tastes” tonight- great way to eat. And the sweet tater with yogurt- I’m with Sarah on this- whyyy didn’t that cross my mind? Hmmm biggest waste of time…any time my computer freezes/kicks me off the internet. In real life- when people state the obvious. Example: Stranger, “wow you’re really tall!” Me: “oh, yep.” But in my head I’m saying ” no freakin’ kidding! I’ve only been 5’10” for years now- no need to tell me!” Haha that kills me


  4. Sweetie Pie says:

    I love that you decided to nibble your fruit off of a toothpick for fun. That’s something I’d do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It really is all about the little things, right?


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