The most important meal

Well, the eye mask and ear plugs carried me through until 9 am. Which would have been impressive if not for the fact that I went to sleep after 2! I think I was expecting a miracle, but at least I didn’t wake up at 7 …

I put together a slammin’ spread for breakfast:


Chocolate caramel enchantment chai with soymilk and an Earl Grey Biscotti Bite on the side:


img_4460This little strawberry Activia yogurt came my way during the big cleanout of the fridge at work on Friday. There’s no date on it, but it was unopened and passed the sniff test, so all systems were go. Fruity flavored yogurts are too sweet for me these days (yeah, yeah, but 5,000 pieces of candy are not?), so I mixed it with two cups of plain yogurt and scooped about 1/2 cup of that blend into into my teacup along with a sprinkle of cinnamon:


Plus half of a pear with nutmeg and the last of mom’s goodies. I heated them in the oven until they got all crispy on the outside (partly on purpose and partly because I was distracted doing other things), but it worked out scrumptiously because it created a vigorous crunch on the outside and an almost creamy texture on the inside of her phenomenal oat bake. And just look at all of the seeds and grains and the big layer of dark chocolate on top of this kitchen sink muffin heart:


Thanks, mom! Please continue to send your care packages my way any time you get the urge :-D.

I’ve just refilled a giant mug of tea for the 3rd time (I upgraded teacup size post-picture because big isn’t always beautiful), and I feel sufficiently fueled to buckle down on the homework for the next, errrrr, 10 minutes or so? We’ll see how long I can stay put! What’s your attention span for work that requires sitting still?

11 thoughts on “The most important meal

  1. Monica says:

    i like doing that with flavored yogurt too. and those earl grey biscotti bites are adorable! I have a very short attention span…hmm homework would take me a long time because I get distracted easily. unless it’s super interesting!

    hope you have a lovely sunday 🙂


  2. Becca A says:

    The only sweetened yogurt I can deal with in a large quantity these days is the nonfat oikos honey flavor. Any others I can do like a spoonful and thats it. Funny how our tastes change!


  3. luckytastebuds says:

    Hi there!! you always give such great advice on my posts and dilemmas. 🙂

    This breakie looks so awesome! haha I totally laughed when you followed up your “fruit yogurt is too sweet” for you, but you eat lots of candy comment. I’m TOTALLY the same way where I convince myself that one thing is way too sweet, bu I pop sugar into my mouth like none-other! hahaha

    OHHH and my attention span sitting still can reach up to 5 hours thanks to super long exams and WORK!!! ahhhhh


  4. biz319 says:

    That’s why I love Greek Yogurt, that way I can control how sweet it is – just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    I was a horrible student, even in college. I was the queen of cramming!

    Hope you were able to get some studying in!


  5. raspberryrunner says:

    aww those muffins look great!

    you should definitely try the national if you visit friends in athens, but don’t go without me, lol!! but seriously let me know if you come to athens…so many great restaurants 🙂


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