Snow blah blah blah blah

Spring, come back. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

My alarm went off at 5am this morning for the gym. I pulled the curtain aside and saw this:


Grrrrrrr. If you don’t have night vision (what’s wrong with you???), that’s about six inches on my balcony railing. I knew the sidewalks and roads would not have been shoveled/plowed yet and decided to forgo exercise. I set the alarm for another hour, but I could not fall back asleep!! I hate that.

At 6am, it looked the same but lighter:


So, we have six inches, and NYC public schools are closed due to weather for the first time in five years. But I’m pretty sure my agency is still open, and I’m pretty sure that Hunter won’t be canceling evening classes. So it’s business as usual for me!

Breakfast was a cup of the pumpkin gingerbread crockpot oats I made yesterday:


Dressed up with 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 crumbled graham sticks, unsweetened coconut, pumpkin seeds, ginger, and cinnamon:


With tea and snow:


Do you have special snow plans today?

(You should make sure these plans include visits to see the most extensive giveaway ever at One Frugal Foodie AND the brilliant 200th post-iversary celebration prize pack at Krista’s Kravings.)

13 thoughts on “Snow blah blah blah blah

  1. Gina Boland says:

    I hate when all my teacher friends have a snow day…and I still have to trudge to work! BOO! And it took me 1 1/2 hours between the 5 mile per hour bus and the train stopping every 5 seconds along the way today! UGH!


  2. Sweetie Pie says:

    Snow plans?? Well, I’m working at home and planning to avoid the snow. I’m a cold weather wimp!! I also think that cocoa is necessary when there is snow outside so I will be having a big steamy mug this afternoon.

    Stay warm!


  3. erin says:

    i hope your work wasn’t too crazy today… my visit was canceled, but work was not, so i’ve been working from home. still cozy, but not as fun as snow days used to be!!


  4. luckytastebuds says:

    oh wow how beautiful are you crockpot oats?!?!?! It’s recipes like yours that make me rethink whether I should invest in one of those magical cookers…hmmmmm.

    No snow plans…BOOOO Chicago life always goes on no matter how much snow accumulates. GRRRRRR!!!


  5. snackface says:

    Ewww sorry about the snow. I’d be pissed. Um, snow plans? Nope, none. No snow here-still wish I had another day off though! Why don’t I own a crockpot so that I can make your delectable crockpot oats?? Jealousy all over the place today! Haha, hope it was a great snow day 🙂


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