No rest for the snowy

Just as I predicted this morning, today was business as usual (40 minute subway delay aside, grrrrr). By the time I got to work, I didn’t even have time for my usual snack before running out for my first visit at 10:45! I dove into lunch when I got back around 12:30.

The other half of yesterday’s quesadilla, deconstructed :-):


And a cup of fresh pumpkin yogurt (also with apples, banana, dates, prunes, golean crunch, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, cloves — I clearly went a little ingredient-happy, but it was delicious!):


The end of my baby carrots (still left from last week’s work meeting) and a tbsp peanut butter:


Lunch dessert was one prune and one date (saved the others for dinner):


And a big strawberry lollipop to power me through the freezing, windy 20-minute snow- and slush- walk to my afternoon visit:


Sadly, the mom was not home. All that sloshy walking for nothing! Except the exercise, I suppose. Maybe it balanced out the lollipop?

I was legitimately hungry from all the “exertion,” so I had this bar around 3:30:


Again, it was tasty … but too processed for me to want to go out and buy it for real.

At about this point, I realized I had not planned so well for the day. I think I was kind of expecting something to get cancelled along the way (don’t know why since nothing ever does around here), but no go! The only thing that got cancelled was the Monday parents’ group with Inginia, during which I usually partake in one of Inginia’s scrumptious group lunches! With no group and my evening class still on at Hunter, I was definitely short a meal.

I contemplated my food planning failure while chewing on this fruity tootsie:


I came to the conclusion that there was no way around having to spend some money, which I figure is ok since I only spent $5 on groceries this week anyway (a gallon of milk for yogurt and a can of black beans for the BSI) — though I might need to tend to that now that I see how low on food I really am!

Anyway, here’s the dinner I managed to put together for class:


I paid $4 for that baby cup of white bean, broccoli, and sun-dried tomato soup from Hale & Hearty:


Plus my weekly manchego cheese samples from Butterfield Market:


An apple from home (my last one — what will I do tomorrow??):


My other prune and date and two Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chip cookie pieces (also samples from the market!):


And somehow, Emily couldn’t finish the oatmeal raisin cookie that she brought to class as her dinner, so she let me do the honors.


Thanks, Emily!

And that’s that! I did a bit more nibbling tonight as I prepped tomorrow’s lunch (think big spoonfuls of pumpkin yogurt and golean crunch falling into my mouth by accident …) which I hope gets me through the day without necessitating any more extra expenditures!

Here are some things that are more noteworthy than my evening nibbles:

1. Spiceaholic at One Bite at a Time is hosting this week’s BSI. Make sure to visit her so you can find out the new secret ingredient! And congrats to Becca for winning last week’s contest with her Black Bean & Avocado Cornmeal Muffins!

2. Comment for a cause! All you have to do to contribute to this food drive is leave a comment for the very generous athlEAT here.

3. Finally, go win some more bars with Strawberry Shortstuff. She has tons to give away!!

Do you ever get tired of free stuff? I do NOT! 😀

11 thoughts on “No rest for the snowy

  1. raspberryrunner says:

    mmm…manchego cheese is awesome!!! if you get a chance, you should try manchego cheese on a veggie cracker with salami…my sis and i came up with this combo at a wine and cheese party and this is how i discovered my love for manchego (and also the first time i touched salami…)

    and yes, free stuff is always exciting, haha 🙂


  2. Sweetie Pie says:

    Holy moly! There’s a lot of yummy stuff in that pumpkin concoction! Yum and YUM!!!

    I also love Manchego cheese. It is one of my faves!


  3. Dori says:

    YOUR YOGURT! That looks like my ideal goo! I am so hungry right now so this obviously isn’t helping! Waiting for my dinner to get here, ordered from Pump, have you had from there?


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