Back to bundled


I had to resort to layers again this morning to get to the gym. I thought we were past all this nasty weather! I did the 45-minute treadmill run (still love it!). Stats: 1 hour and 4 minutes, 501 calories, average heart rate 145, max 175.

Breakfast was more pumpkin gingerbread crockpot oats with 1/2 cup yogurt, unsweetened coconut, crumbled graham sticks, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and ginger:


With soymilky tea and water:


Some other things:

– How weird is that West 53rd Street will now be known as U2 Way?

– Vegan fashion expert and occasional T.O.E. guest poster (here and here), The Professional Vegan, has ventured into the kitchen once again. Check out her latest projects!

– Win a chance to make your own granola at Fit for Free!

Can you make the cold go away?

10 thoughts on “Back to bundled

  1. brandi says:

    i wish I could make it go away! It’s only in the 20s here today, but supposed to be 70 on Saturday? I’m ready for CONSISTENTLY nice weather šŸ™‚


  2. fitforfree says:

    U2 Way? Are you kidding me??

    you and your morning workouts ā€” wish I could do it !!! (or rather, wish I could make myself go to bed early enough to get up early enough to do it!)


  3. verbalriot says:

    I think you have some of my favorite breakfasts ever! They’re always interesting and way delicious.

    Yeah, what the ff, U2 Way? SO weird.


  4. snackface says:

    Here is how I make the cold go away— Have you ever heard of people wearing a beer jacket? You know, like after you’ve had one too many and you can’t feel the cold anymore? Well, I do that, but my own way. I like to get on my rum snowsuit. Just sharing šŸ™‚ haha no, I really want the snot-freezing weather to be gone!


  5. Dori says:

    Um that is SO weird about U2 Way! It makes me sad that you are blocked at work. You take the best pictures!

    Since it was moved to the 22nd are you still going that weekend? I couldn’t make it on the 21st (for no reason other than it is my birthday and I didn’t want to promise anything!) but the 22nd should be good for me!


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