So, as you may recall, last night’s sushi was only the beginning of my dinner!

Gina, Kate, and I met at NYU at 6pm to attend a panel discussion, book signing, and gastropolisreception to celebrate the release of a new book titled Gastropolis: Food and New York City.

I have a special plan for telling you more details about this amazing event (and the food that was there!), so for now, I’m just going to stick with what I ate (and ohhh man, what DIDN’T I eat??), what I brought home, and what I found waiting for me when I got home πŸ˜€

I only took a photo of plate #1 because things got a little hazy (the amazing spread kind of went to my head!) after that.

This pile includes hummus, carrots, cucumber, jicama, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, a mountain of feta, hunks of parmesan and blue cheese, apple slices, grapes, dried cranberries, dried apricots, dried figs, almonds, and so much more!


Oooh, here’s another plate picture. Maybe it’s the same? Maybe it’s different? Who knows. Either way, I ate it all!


I started so honorably with mostly veggies, but I probably went back for about a pound more of feta (I haven’t had feta this delicious since Greece!), lots of parm, goat cheese, dried cranberries, almonds, a couple crackers, TONS more veggies, and maybe 3 full bunches of grapes? Ohhhh, the expansion is right!

I also took one of each dessert to wrap in a napkin and save for later.


From top to bottom:

– Pumpkin-spice loaf

– Lemon-poppyseed loaf

– Chocolate-frosted chocolate brownie

– Oat bar with berry jam layer

– Chocolate rugelach

– Chocolate chip blondie

This napkin plan was super smart, right? Until I ate at least one of each dessert anyway via nibbles over the course of the evening …

Because the event was focused on New York food, they also had samples of something I’ve always wanted to try: chocolate egg creams! They used NY-produced chocolate syrup, of course:


Pretty sure I had enough of these to equal at least a full cup (and maybe 2).


As the night wore on and I saw that there were still piles of food left that might end up getting thrown out, I started slying “packing” some things away for later in my empty containers and bags left from lunch πŸ˜€ I unloaded when I got home.

Here’s the haul:

Fresh produce (mushrooms, broccoli, green cauliflour, endive leaves, asparagus spears, carrots, snow peas, white cauliflower, radishes, grape tomatoes, yellow squash, 2/3 of a pear, and a bunch of grapes!)


Sweets and treats (desserts you’ve seen already plus 2 cookies, 3 apples rings, 2 cubes of gouda, 1 hunk of parmesan, and about 2 tbsp dried cranberries)


Most of the desserts went into my “carb bag” in the freezer where I keep all of the breads/cookies/cakes I come across but know I won’t be able to eat fast enoughΒ  … and I don’t want to feel like I have to eat them all right away before mold starts to grow, either! As stuffed as I was, however, I did have one last little piece of lemon poppyseed loaf:


I also brought home a selection of lunch leftovers from earlier in the day, if you recall.

I dismantled the rest of the chicken parm sandwich that Myrna gave me. A few minutes in the oven turned the soggy bread into herby and delicious toast. Before and after:


I scraped the breading off of the chicken pieces. Before and after:


And added them to the rest of Nydia’s grilled chicken salad. Before and after:


Lastly, I chopped the half banana left from Mildred’s lunch with the grapes and pear from the book signing and the 1/2 apple I had sitting in my fridge to make a pretty cinnamon-topped fruit salad:


So, all in all, I’d say I’m pretty well-stocked on food this week? πŸ˜›

On top of all the food excitment yesterday, I also had some mail excitement waiting when I got home because …

My BSI: Kale prize for the Kale-Crust Pizza had arrived from Beadie!! Meet the most beautiful earrings ever:


Can you believe these are completely handmade by Beadie herself?


I can’t wait to wear them. Thanks, Beadie!!

I also had another package, but it was kind of anti-climactic after my new jewels. Gina from Bell Plantation sent me these samples of PB2 and chocolate PB2 to try. Yum!


And in the biggest news yet, I am the winner of Abbie’s Foods That Fit giveaway! Abbie is sending me a package of all of her favorite things (including more PB2!), and I can’t wait to try all the new goodies πŸ˜€

We’ll see how long my luck holds out — I’m crossing my fingers for the awesome magazine subscription giveaway that Brandi’s hosting here!

And now, I must get moving on the day! I wonder if I will ever get hungry again?

17 thoughts on “Winnings

  1. innerwellness says:

    I really wanna try PB2, how do you like it? Is it worth it? Those earrings are fabulous! Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


  2. fitforfree says:

    What an awesome spread!!! I love your mix-and-match creations like the fruit salad & chicken salad πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear your review of pb2β€”I’m curious about it!


  3. Krista says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that “slyly” takes extra food home in little baggies and napkins!!! I embarrass my hubby all the time doing that! πŸ™‚ Can’t be letting it go to waste!!

    Those ear rings are gorgeous!!!! πŸ™‚


  4. Erin says:

    Mmm those are some delicious eats! The expansion lookswell worth it!
    I LOVE those earrings. The colors are beautiful together.
    Congratulations! Winner winner chicken dinner!


  5. Sweetie Pie says:

    You must have a seriously bottomless purse. I’m impressed!! All the eats look awesome, but those earrings are the star of the show. Beautiful!


  6. janeterin says:

    Holy cow those are some good eats! I’m impressed with your willpower to keep all the extras in your house – the freezer is a great idea! Love that you salvaged the food – so awesome!

    I looooove egg creams! I actually bought some u-bet when I was visiting in Dec to bring back for my Dad, who is from NY!


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