The heat is on

Wow, sleeping until 6 is such a luxury! I hope I don’t get too used to it πŸ˜›

Heat story #1: I woke up and sat on a heating pad for 10 minutes. Then, I tied the heating pad to the top of my right thigh with a belt and dove into Gentle Hatha Yoga #1. I’m still feeling the pain, but it’s definitely getting better!


Breakfast this morning was a second incarnation of protein porridge. I was craving a more “old-fashioned” flavor combo this time, so last night I mixed 1 cup of the porridge with 1 tbsp molasses, 2 tbsp raisins, cinnamon, and a crushed clove.

Heat story #2: This morning, the “oats” (just kidding, since there are no oats in here!) went in the oven (covered) for 30 minutes at 375.


Heat story #3: While the porridge was in the oven, I tried to straighten my hair with the iron to address some of the style damage Supercuts did yesterday during the balding session. Since there was not much for the iron to grasp, this heat story was not as successful as the previous two.

Heat story #4: My apartment felt really warm, and I realized the heat was up to 70! I turned it off.

So back to the food. I layered the heated porridge over 1/2 cup Greek yogurt + part-skim ricotta blend and topped it with vanilla-almond granola, crumbled graham sticks, unsweetened coconut, and an extra little circle of raisins:


Are you hot or cold?

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And check out this week’s BSI hosted by Ruth at Plentiful Plants. She’s doing avocado!!!!

11 thoughts on “The heat is on

  1. Jennifer says:

    In the winter I definitely prefer hot over cold…

    But when its warm out, theres nothing like a great bowl of cereal with cold milk.

    Sorry about your hair cut! Hope you were able to style it today! My sister once got her hair cut there a long time ago. Her hair was very long (half way down her back) she said she wanted it tapered on the sides, kind of like a “U” shape. The lady was thinking “V” instead so, imagine my sisters horror when she looked at her hair and in the back was a perfectly cut “V”! She ended up having her cut it across and needless to say many more inches were taken off than she wanted!

    Have a great day!


  2. Erin says:

    I’m really hot right now but I’d rather be cold! When I’m hot I feel bloated!
    I’m so sorry about the hair! It’s stressful when it doesn’t work out like you want! Sometimes the stylist doesn’t get the vision!
    I love the molasses in oats! Bril!


  3. Erin says:

    Lovely porridge!
    I’m cold, and generally I always am. I hate it! But I hate being too hot when that happens. I am very much not easy to please when it comes to temperature.
    Bad haircuts suck. They make me sad, but at least it grows back fast! Maybe you’ll like it. I ended up with very short hair a while back and love it now.


  4. Danielle says:

    I am comfortable right now which is weird because I’m always cold!
    So glad you are feeling better, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you feel 100% better soon!


  5. verbalriot says:

    im so cold right now even though it’s been beautiful and warm outside all day long!

    But i’m crawling into bed soon πŸ™‚


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