Persistent funk

Hello, hello, hello!

Breakfast involved more overnighting.


We’re out of oats, so I combined 1/4 cup millet with 1/3 cup of the yogurt mixture I’ve been having for lunch this week (oikos, ricotta, banana, strawberries, dried apricot) and 1/3 cup unsweetened soymilk. I’m out of fresh produce, too, the horror!, so I topped it with another 2 chopped apricots, dried berries, and coconut.


The millet overnighted well. It was still pretty crunchy, and I like that in a grain.

On the side, I had two slices of pumpernickel baguette from the freezer with 1 tbsp cashew-almond butter mashed with the last tsp (tear) lemon curd and sprinkled with more coconut.


I know it looks like chocolate, but I promise it is cashew-almond butter. The nuts just got a teeeeeeeny bit burned.

And green tea and lots of water (to make up for the water missing from my fruit!):


So, I did NOT end up going to the gym this morning since I was in all that pain last night. Instead, I got up at 6 and sat on the heating pad for 10 minutes before I started moving. It’s a little better today, but I just want to be normal! I did some crunches and push-ups (cough, like 10) to try to pull myself out of the cizerfunk, but it’s not the same. And I still feel the guilt! And then I feel guilt for feeling guilt because of things like this that pop up in google when I’m just trying to double check the spelling for “persistent.” I keep thinking I should be taking advantage of this time to develop pecs of steel or something, but I’m not. I’ll probably have to start soon, though, if this keeps up! Pull-ups on the shower rod, here I come …

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever used as an exercise prop at home? I need some ideas!

14 thoughts on “Persistent funk

  1. eatinnyc says:

    Looks delish as usual. Don’t know why I bother writing that, you could probably make dirt look like a 5 star meal with your pic taking prowess….craziest thing I used as an exercise prop…probably my dog. when i get lazy with abs (since she has to stand under my legs when i do abs) I rest my legs on her. pics to come 😉


  2. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    This isn’t thattt crazy, but using a coffee table is great for doing those backward pushup things….I don’t know what they are called, but they work the back of your arms!!

    And don’t beat yourself up over being injured Sarah, just try to work on getting yourself better and keep using that heating pad!


  3. brandi says:

    good job with the heating pad – you need to get better!

    I love that magic hat cup 🙂

    Soup cans/water bottles as weights.

    sometimes I have to do yoga AROUND my cat, which makes it even more interesting. she likes to get up all in my face, my arms, my hair, if I’m doing yoga.


  4. Genesis says:

    craziest exercise tool – bags of uncooked rice! i’ve never tried it myself but supposedly its supposed to be quite a workout. pour it into ziploc bags (doubled and then taped tightly around)….:)


  5. verbalriot says:

    I.want.that.bread. ‘Nough said.

    I once used my dad’s fishing equipment (specifically the drill for ice fishing) as a bar for sculpting…Ehh..he wasn’t too happy about it but I was sore the next morning 😉


  6. coco says:

    overnight millet? you’re so creative!!! 😀
    so, do you just soak the millet in that yogurt mixture? and do you need to cook it the next day? and what are the measures? I want to try that out! 🙂


  7. cleanveggiex3 says:

    I love how easy overnight oats are – quick, simple & delicious 🙂
    try not to beat yourself up too much – listen to your body.


  8. Susan says:

    The craziest prop I’ve ever used is my roommate’s Turbo Jam dvd when I was stuck inside because of a blizzard. Not really a prop, but man, that video is crazy. Not crazy hard, just… crazy.


  9. joggerslife says:

    In high school, I had no weights so I used soup cans. =) I learned about that on the Oprah show during summer vacation.


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