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First things first: the cakes were a success in class last night! I did not have to bring any home with me, so my plan to move all the sugar out of my freezer was effective. I just have two little chocolate cupcakes that wouldn’t fit in the tupperwares to cart up there, and that’s it. Phew, cake-overload disaster averted.

Also, in honor of my birthday yesterday, I went shoe shopping at Payless. This is irrelevant to food on the surface, but it’s actually connected because food is the only thing I have spent money on since starting grad school. Until yesterday, I hadn’t bought shoes in two years because I needed the money for groceries. Evidence:


Yes, that is the sun shining through the hole in the sole of my shoe.

Here are my new friends:


My feet are happy.

Back to food, I had an early egg salad dinner around 4:30 before heading up to class. To make the salad, I chopped one of my Eggland’s Best peeled hard-boiled eggs and mixed it with 1/3 cup plain yogurt, 1 tsp dijon mustard, paprika, dill, cayenne, and one cup chopped arugula. I topped it with 1/8 chopped avocado, coarse sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper.


Dessert took place at class, of course 😛 My cakes were so good!

Piece #1:


Piece #2:


And a cupcake!


It’s back to the grindstone for me today. I have one more paper left, and it’s not going to be a fun one! It’s due Thursday morning, so you know how I’ll be spending all of today and all of tomorrow … with a little fun break for an exciting event this evening 🙂

Will you be taking any fun breaks today?

25 thoughts on “Product moved

  1. Professional Vegan says:

    Love the shoes Sarah! Especially since they are vegan! (I checked Payless’ website.) I, as you know, have a shoe-buying issue . . . I could never last two years without purchasing shoes, let alone two months. In fact, I’m considering a trip to Payless this weekend to check out these kitten heels:
    (They too are vegan, of course.)


  2. Allison says:

    Egg salad with avocado? Have I told you – I love they way you think?? Sounds amazing!

    I do the exact same thing – I wear clothes/shoes until they break! Those new shoes are super duper cute!!!!


  3. erinbee says:

    lovely new shoes my sweet!

    and im totally in the same
    boat as you. all my money
    goes to food purchases. !!!

    also. todays fun break is going
    side a bottle or two of vino.


  4. Krista says:

    My son got himself some goalie equipment over the weekend so I have a date with him after supper to whale pucks at him the driveway! That should be fun! 😉

    Cute new shoes and I’m happy to hear that your cakes were a success….although I knew they would be!


  5. Kristie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!! You officially win for coolest, most original, most creative birthday cakes ever. You took your ability to use up leftovers to a whole new level. I’m beyond impressed. And wowzers does that cake ever look good. It’s so moist!

    Cute shoesies! I always put off shoe shopping. Now I want to go get some new ones myself though!

    Good luck with the last paper. ALMOST DONE!


  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    No doubt the cakes were a hit!! Yummy! 🙂 You must have had VERY pleased classmates hahaha

    Great looking salad! Yum!

    My fun breaks usually involve looking at wonderful food blogs or hitting the gym. I may go for a walk in the sun with a colleague this afternoon to de-stress.

    Cute shoes too!

    Enjoy your day and good luck with the rest of your assignments!


  7. Hallie says:

    Your cakes look lovely! Good job.

    My breaks today include a run after work, and hopefully a walk around the San Diego Zoo (yeah, I have it rough!).


  8. nikislosingit says:

    Yummy looking cakes! The chocolate cupcake looks divine! Glad there was no overload for ya!

    And cute shoes! I’m contemplating getting a new pair of crocs (malindi) today, justifying with the fact it was Mother’s Day and my anniversary on Sunday.


  9. homegirlcaneat says:

    LOVIN yo shoes
    LOVIN yo slice of cake
    LOVIN yo cupcake
    WANTIN yo shoes
    WANTIN yo slice of cake
    WANTIN yo cupcake

    p.s. The avocado egg salad looks bomb!! Anything with avocado is BOMB!


  10. verbalriot says:

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let’s celebrate when I’m home (May 30th or possibly, May 25th!) since I’ve been a horrible blogger and missed everything 😦

    2. Love the shoes! So cute 🙂


  11. Linda says:

    I’m glad you asked because, yes, I did take a fun break today. I actually had to leave the office for a doctors appointment in the late afternoon. The appointment didn’t last as long as I had anticipated, and there was no point in heading back to work, so I used my “free time” to run at my favorite lake. I also went out for frozen yogurt. While the evening was serene…it pales compared to this Foodbuzz shindig you went to. That looks totally fun. Make me wish I was living in the city again, instead of the burbs.


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