Ancient mysteries

I broke my own rule this afternoon and went for a secret run.

I know I’ve been saying (at least in my head) that I’m not going to run at all between now and the half marathon on May 30 because I need to let all of my muscles heal for real, but I couldn’t help myself. After finishing my paper, all I wanted to do was run. Perhaps because I really just needed an excuse to wear my official Endurance Challenge 2009 tech shirt:


Hello giant teeth.

(Speaking of which, I updated the race post with official mid-race pictures of me dying.)

I made it 25 minutes before the pain forced me to stop, and then I finished the loop of the park with a 30-minute walk. And now that that is taken care of, I really promise that there will be no more running until the half. Maybe.

I came home and felt hungry for a snack, so I heated up some of the leftover mangu I’ve been saving in the freezer since a mom made it for me at work a few weeks ago. Remember the mangu? I do! Here it was back then:


And here’s my doctored version:


The doctoring took place yesterday (I actually ate some yesterday, too, but I never got around to blogging about it). I had about one cup of the mangu left, so I mashed that in with half a head of steamed cauliflower to (1) make it last longer and (2) increase the healthiness of the dish. Mangu is basically mashed plantains, but I saw how the mom was cooking it, and let’s just say that this mangu was not wanting for oil or salt! I had to spread the wealth, and cauliflower seemed the perfect way to do it 😀

I topped 1/2 cup of the revised cauliflower-mangu with one of the mom’s tostones and a little piece of her vineger-ed onion (which used to be bright purple but lost its color in the oven-reheat process):


IMG_9683Around this time, I also decided I was in the mood for tea. What to do, what to do … Oh wait! What’s inside this random jewelry box-ish thing?

It’s a sampler of
Numi teas! I’m sorry for the product placement that is about to occur, but the packaging excited me so much that I can’t help myself. I found out about these teas a few weeks ago when Brandi mentioned them, and I knew I had to get my hands on some, if only because the website is full of flowery prose: “Numi elevates the tea experience through quality, creativity, and authenticity.” Elevate me, please!

The sampler has all four flavors of their puerh tea which has been “picked from wild-harvested tea trees up to 500 years old.”


I’m generally not into showing labels from foods since you can just look at them yourself, but the flowery prose continued in the brewing instructions, and I had to share:




You might think I went for chocolate first, but I did not! My tum is still feeling iffy, so I opted for the mint even though I’m generally not a fan of minty teas. Also, I really wanted to “capture the full taste as the ancient mystery is revealed.”

I actually enjoyed this tea (maybe because I followed the instructions for once and only let it brew for 3 minutes as opposed to 20), and it was soothing for my belly. Though I don’t think I experienced revelation of any sort of ancient mystery.

Have you had any mysteries revealed to you lately? Most recently (as in, this afternoon), I experienced the ancient mystery of how running in a moisture-wicking shirt feels … and I must say I’m a fan!

15 thoughts on “Ancient mysteries

  1. verbalriot says:

    large BEAUTIFUL teeth 🙂

    haha I like how you sneaked in a run! So masterful.

    Hmm mysteries. I JUST learned about only one state has a monopoly on growing organic blue corn! It’s a long story but if you’re interested, I’ll tell it to you over Ethiopian food 😉


  2. Alison says:

    I love your plating!
    I want to reveal a mystery, but I keep forgetting. I went to an illusionist show on my cruise and really want to read about how they did those trips. Maybe I’ll look it up on the Internet now.


  3. homegirlcaneat says:

    Hello perfect teeth.

    I am digging this herbal tea postage! I am trying to stop drinking coffee and drink more tea so I am a fan of this Nubi action!

    Goodbye perfect teeth.


  4. Christina says:

    Nice shirt!

    I always keep the tea bag in there for way too long too. I like it as strong as possible! I have tried Numi before though and they’re all pretty good.


  5. Krista says:

    You have a great smile!!! Never mind this “big teeth” business!

    Thanks for the review on the Numi tea. I’ve seen it around but wasn’t sure if it was worth the $$….


  6. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    I totally get craving running when you shouldn’t be! I would do the same. Perhaps we are both crazy? LOL

    Great looking meal.

    I love teas! I love the box your Numi tea comes in!

    Great running gear is so important. Skin breathability is a must!

    What I recently learned: I love boxing! (not watching, actually boxing!)

    have a great day!!


  7. Allison says:

    You and I have the same exact teeth sister!

    I want to yell at you for running, but I also want to say good job, because I totally understand!

    No matter what – that half marathon is going DOWNNNN because you are goign to kick it’s ass 😀


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