Cacao powow

After my tea yesterday, I bummed around a bit (ohhh, the luxury of this new and temporary lifestyle!) and then set myself up with a bit of dinsert: Carrot “Pudding” Cake.


I finished the last of the original batch Tuesday and loved it so much that I instantly made two more. I keep surprising myself that this concoction tastes like actual carrot cake, except more moist, dense, and rich. I’ve really outdone myself here 🙂


There were a few differences between this batch and the last due to changing ingredient availability. Most notably, I used a package of Peeled Apple-2-the-core in place of whatever fruit I used last time.


In place of the strawberry cake icing that I no longer have, I used a mix of plain yogurt, molasses, cinnamon, and vanilla. To thicken it, I dissolved less than a tsp of unflavored gelatin in a tbsp of boiling water, mixed it into the icing, and let it chill for a bit in the fridge before spreading.


On the side, I had a whole strawberry in dark chocolate from Oh! Nuts:


Oh! my goodness. You can probably imagine how delicious this tasted. And with a real, live strawberry inside (the seeds, too!):


(Those are knife marks and not teeth marks. My teeth are not that perfect.)IMG_9722

I went to the gym this morning and came home for some muffin-cauliflower oat bran. After heating it, I had it on top of 1/2 cup of yogurt with a tsp each of Astisana macademia cashew butter and cacao bliss:


I also sprinkled coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, and coriander on top.


And I ate breakfast with a big mug of soymilky Numi Chocolate Puerh tea after “tempting fresh water to a boil” as per the instructions:


The chocolate flavor in this tea was actually very understated. It was good, but it tasted like regular black tea to me with just a minor hint of subtle chocolateyness. Out of curiosity, though, I did lick the tea bag (shhhhh) since it actually has cacao nibs in it. That tasted like chocolate. Maybe I should break open the tea bag and dump the whole thing in next time. Hmmmmmm …

OK, time for some classssssss! Today, I get to turn in my final paper, yipEEEEEEE.

What do you get to do today?

20 thoughts on “Cacao powow

  1. verbalriot says:

    hahaha I was going to say…damn Sarah, those are some STRONG teeth

    Today, I get to eat a leisurely breakfast, exercise whenever I want and start working on my Understanding Health Disparities paper. Key word “start” which means I’m not going to rush!

    P.S. This is the second day in a row where I comment on your teeth…I like them okay? 🙂

    So happy it’s your last final paper time!


  2. brandi says:

    yay for final papers!!! that tea sounds really good and I want that pudding cake!

    what do I get to do? same as every day…sit at my computer at work for 8 hours.

    I also got to get 2 shots this morning. exciting? painful.

    I’ll get to watch The Office tonight 🙂


  3. Christina says:

    I want carrot pudding cake! It sounds delish. I really need to get an immersion blender or something like that. All I have is a giant blender and I hate hauling it out of the cabinet all the time.

    Today I get to do absolutely nothing because I don’t start work til next week 🙂


  4. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says:

    Congrats on finishing work and getting a break! That has to feel awesome. I totally covet your Numi teas because I’ve heard puerh is supposed to be so good for you (and have magical slimming properties, if I’m not mistaken). Whatever, tea apparently has so many magical properties that I’m pretty sure my insides must be made of like, platinum or something by now.


  5. snackface says:

    Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Woohoooo! You must feel so free now! You have been working so hard for the past several weeks, I hope you do something to celebrate its completion! I’m big into celebrating everything, obvs 🙂

    Holy moly, I’m clicking on that link for your cake thing as soon as I finish this comment.

    Today I get to go back to the barbershop to hang out for a bit, then have an intimate chat with the main barber. THEN I get to go on a date with MisterMan. And right now I get to go read on my porch, in the sunshine. Oh I’m so nauseating–that sounds too perky and ridiculous. Moh well!

    Have a fabulous Thursday!


  6. coco says:

    that carrot cake looks soooo delicious!!!!! love it, really need to try it out! 🙂
    time for class? I thought class was finished for you!


  7. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    Holy- everything today looks so decadent and I would like to try it all! 🙂

    That’s awesome you handed the paper in!! Must have felt WONDERFUL!

    Today I submitted my forms for my student loan so I can get lots and lots and lots of money to pay for law school!


  8. Jessica (jesslikesithot) says:

    Tonight, I get to watch a movie and get dinner with my dad! Yay for summer relaxation!

    And how, howww do you get your food to always look so beautiful?! I just don’t get it! haha! I need to try that carrot pudding cake, chocolate covered strawberry and oat bran, like now. 🙂


  9. homegirlcaneat says:

    The carrot pudding looks way to marvelous my friend. I need it in my life!!

    Hey, I thought your teeth were that perfect.


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