Hummmmmm, what does that title mean?


Wellll, I’ve been wanting to try Bender’s humbecue sauce forEVER, and today seemed as good a time as any! Except, I didn’t have any hummus. What I did have, however, was a serving of collard greens and BBQ baked beans in the freezer from ages ago.


I also had a serving of cauliflower-mangu left, and that’s kind of the texture of hummus, right?


I had initally planned to immersion-blend everything, greens and all … but then one of the greens jumped into my mouth and tasted so good that the rest followed. So, I just blended the BBQ beans and the mangu.


Next, I broke out some fancy tuna in olive oil.


I’ve been noticing this Cole’s brand of tuna (and other fishies) in some gourmet grocery stores lately because the packaging is so pretty. I recently starting liking canned tuna, and I only discovered this from being fed foods that contained it. So I don’t think I’ve ever actually opened a can of tuna myself. Until today.

I was so impressed with the quality of the tuna in this can! It wasn’t mushy at all and was so tightly packed that it flaked apart almost like a piece of tuna steak:


Very promising. I dumped the can of tuna (minus the olive oil, which I drained into a baby Artisana jar for another time because tuna-infused olive oil might come in handy at some point!) into the humbangu sauce:


Since I combined three meals to make this tuna humbangu, I incorporated 1/3 of the total mix into my lunch. Here’s my finished salad on a bed of arugula with the mangu’s hammy bits, some blackberries, the last of the tostones, and a teeny dollop of plain yogurt for presentation’s sake:


It was so so so so tasty!

IMG_9811Eventually, I made my way to the gym for some bicycling (no running!) and arms. When I got home, I decided that I needed to remedy the no-hummus situation. I cooked a bunch of chickpeas from dry and combined about 1/2 cup of them with a piece of roasted red pepper, Italian seasoning, a whole garlic clove, coarse sea salt, and 1/2 a baby jar of Artisana tahini.


After immersion-blending, I fork-mashed another 1/2 cup of chickpeas to mix in because I like it a little bit rough:


To fuel myself through the ever-so-grueling hummus work, I pulled out the rest of the yerba mate that I brewed this morning and left in the fridge. It had gotten even greener!!


Does anyone know how that happened?? You can see how white it was when hot in the previous post, and making it cold completely converted it to this vivid sea foam color. I love it.

I also had the last 1/4 cup of chickpeas that didn’t fit in the hummus:


Anyway, I got around to dinner eventually and mixed about 2 tbsp of my fresh roasted red pepper hummus with a chopped hard-boiled egg (once again, thanks to Eggland’s best for doing the boiling and peeling for me!). I had my egg salad atop a bed of arugula (lots of mushy arugula salads today, right?) with 1/8 chopped avocado, sprinkles of paprika and black pepper, and a few crushed Newman’s spelt pretzels:


For dessert, I had a slice of healthy cheesecake alongside half an Ulimana raw chocolate hemp brownie and 1 tsp pineapple-coconut-ginger peanut butter.


Yes yes yes, absolutely holy-yum worthy! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Ulimana definitely knows its way around a raw dessert … or any dessert for that matter!


Do you do anything wild with hummus?

17 thoughts on “Humbangu

  1. Run Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness – your desserts look amazing! I don’t do anything too wild with my hummus… yet 😉 I’m hoping to try more recipes once school is finished.


  2. Melissa @ For the Love of Health says:

    You are so creative with your food! Awesome! Everything looks really good…and I’m not going to lie………the desserts look the best haha (my sweet tooth has taken over this evening!)

    I don’t think I’ve done anything wild with hummus. In fact, I’ve never made my own before. Perhaps you have given me a new challenge… 🙂

    Have agreat night!


    • Sarah says:

      Alison – I’m not sure if Cole’s does salmon. I know they have mackerel and trout, though. If you check the link in the post, you can see the full line. If the tuna is any indication, it’s all delicious!


  3. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    I am fascinated by your humbangu! Especially because I’ve never had cauliflower-mangu before. I’m kind of obsessed with typing the word mangu now.


    Also, the green of the yerba mate is crazy! It’s almost like that mint chocolate chip ice cream color in that you don’t really know where it came from, but it still tastes good 😉

    Your desserts are definitely holy yum worthy! Have a fabulous weekend!!


  4. Ashley says:

    Oooh, the Ulimana raw chocolate hemp brownie and the pineapple-coconut-ginger peanut butter look out of this world! I love healthy cheesecake too – normally the word healthy and cake don’t really go together, but when they do, its heaven on earth!

    Crazy hummus concoctions? Not really… I like hummus on hardboiled eggs? But that’s not really strange.


  5. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    That tuna does look very fancy schmancy! I love it! I also love your creation…I would definitely dig in. I don’t do anything fancy with hummus unfortunately. Veggies and breads are just my vehicle to get it into my mouth in large quantities 😀


  6. Susan says:

    Lovelovelove the tuna humbangu! This isn’t that wild or crazy, but my absolute favourite way to eat hummus is on a pita with cheddar cheese and vegepate. It’s seriously dreamy.

    PS I like my hummus a little rough too 😛


  7. Erin says:

    I just caught up on your recent creations, and I’m more astounded than usual! The humbangu is awesome looking and so creative.
    The best thing I have found to do with hummus is to take a spoon and shovel it into my mouth. Mmmm.
    Thank you for the sweet comment. I think I will be returning soon.


  8. coco says:

    love your lunch combo!!! so pretty and so delicious!! YOu’re really a creative genius!!! 🙂
    that mate looks so pretty! Does it taste the same? How did you know about mate? do you like it! (you know that it’s from Argentina, right?)
    and your dessert plate….mmmmm…… love it!


  9. Linda says:

    Welcome to wonderful world of tin fish!
    I wish I read this post earlier as I just fixed myself some canned salmon and yogurt for a post-run snack.


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