Food groups

As indicated yesterday, I headed back to Brooklyn after brunch to take care of some business and change into evening attire, and then I returned to the city for a night with the boys:


(Ummm, in case you are wondering, Rami is married … to a woman.)

Gina met up with us at Gabe’s apartment, and then we were off to the bars! Except we got sidetracked along the way:


Hmmmmm, any establishment with that sign on the window is guaranteed to grab my attention!

Img 4914

Gabe’s apartment is conveniently located across the street from Rice to Riches, and all signs seemed to be pointing toward an immediate need for rice pudding:


Img 4918Img 4920

We carefully studied (and sampled) every flavor:


And debated the merits of each option:


Until Gabe stepped up to the plate and placed our order:


We settled on a small bowl with half cheesecake and half sex, drugs, and rocky road:


And we enjoyed it thoroughly:


Satisfactorily rice puddinged, we made our way across the street to Vig Bar where we found my favorite thing to find in a bar: a good-looking man making drinks with fresh fruit!!


Gina and I both ordered fresh strawberry martinis, and they came complete with floral accents:


The flower garnish was picked right from this plant immediately pre-delivery:


Gina had watched the drink preparation and warned me that the bartender poured in a hefty serving of vodka, but I paid her no mind.

Img 4938

The first sign of trouble may have been when I assumed the flower was edible since it came with no warning label. I popped it into my mouth like it was a skittle without a second thought.


I was not impressed. Gina can vouch for the look on my face.

I rallied with a fresh pineapple martini:


Courtesy of Rami, wingman extraordinaire:


The second sign of trouble may have been when I made best friends with the bouncer, Mustafa:


I was quickly whisked away to another bar, where the third sign of trouble appeared when I met a half Peruvian man and had to tell him about all my Peruvian adventures in my atrociously imperfect Spanish, even though he spoke atrociously perfect English. Luckily, Gina’s husband had just finished his hockey game in the city around that time, and he swung by the bar to collect us and drive us home, where I proceeded to eat several unphotographed meals in an effort to prepare my swirling stomach for bedtime 😛

All in all, I’d say I had a successful night in terms of nutrition: grains, dairy, fruit, flowers, bouncers. I covered all the bases. How do YOU ensure proper nutrition when you are out on the town?

9 thoughts on “Food groups

  1. Gina says:

    Oh what a neat rice pudding shop! Those signs are hilarious. I bet the Sex, drugs and rocky road was delicious, no? The name just makes it sound addicting, which was probably the entire point!
    It’s hard to eat nutritious while out on the town, especially when you’re with a big group of friends. I guess I just try to be as healthy as possible by drinking plenty of water, not drinking TOO much alcohol, and trying to incorporate fruits and veggies in as many foods/drinks as I can!


  2. Sweetie Pie says:

    My eyes lit up when I saw the rice pudding place. Rice pudding is one of my favorite favorite things. That place looks like some version of Sweetie Pie heaven!!

    I am amused by your signs of trouble. 😉 It looks like you had a great time.

    Proper nutrition? It may be that the “food groups” have to be redefined. My take on it is that you have your liquors, your beers and your wines. Proper nutrition entails not mixing the groups too much and including plenty of water in the mix. You did a great job sticking with your food group choice! Well done! Oh, and that color looks awesome on you!


  3. Lele says:

    Agh I love Rice to Riches! I ate there the last time I was in SoHo and then I saw Eva Mendes eating there in Hitch– that was super exciting.
    Have you been to their bathroom? It has a silver toilet!


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