Bubbles and bite

Keeping with the food theme, we have been trying desperately to keep up with the influx of produce from Erik’s farm.


We’ve been living on salads for months …


… but we also decided to try something new. Introducing fermentation round two. (Here’s round one.)  



Erik brought home TONS of Napa cabbage, so kimchi was the obvious solution. We loosely followed this recipe. We didn’t have fish sauce on hand, so Erik made some following this recipe with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce and honey instead of agave. It was a huge success.


I packed the kimchi into a one-quart jar and loosely covered it with plastic wrap and the jar lid (to keep fruit flies away). When it was full of bubbles after three days, I decided it was done.


It is certainly potent … but I think it is awesomely potent. As long as I don’t have to breathe on anyone for a while. And the biggest perk of making kimchi is that it successfully condensed five heads of Napa cabbage into one very managabley-sized jar. I see more fermentation — and perhaps even some pickling (ooh la la!) — in my future.

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