Plans may go awry …

… but not today!! Today was a rare day in that I was able to stick more or less to the food plan. As much as I love all the free food and exciting flavors that I typically encounter at work, I have to admit that, once in a while, I enjoy eating a reasonable amount of healthy food and having legitimate room for a real dinner when I get home.

In addition to the soup and yogurt that I had for lunch around 12:30, I also packed an orange that I ate mid-morning:


And since it wouldn’t be interesting if there were absolutely no meal interlopers, my coworker Jennifer shared her leftover Moroccan food of couscous and veggies. I had about 1/2 cup after my soup (which was actually not as foul as I had expected; the overnight must have given it time to mellow) and before my yogurt:


And then Jessica released her private stash of Valentine’s Day chocolates to the office. I broke the chocolate ice, of course:


I chose one (well actually, I chose four but put three in my empty tissue box for “safekeeping”) to eat for dessert. Dark chocolate with praline cream filling, mmmmm:


Afternoon snack happened around 3:30. My packed “Christmas” snack baggies of grapes and red pepper:


And at 4, this yummy bar that came from Tina in my V-day scavenger hunt prize pack:



This bar was very minty and very chocolatey (one of my favorite combos!), but despite its deliciousness, it did nada for my hunger. I was ravenous when I got home! Obviously, I had to make a three-part dinner.

I heated my last piece of pumpkin kibbi and steamed the rest of my asparagus:


Part three was pumpkin-apple pie yogurt which I made by heating 2/3 cup pumpkin, mixing it with 1/4 cup yogurt and the holy trinity of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger), and topping it with a baby apple that I chopped and sauteed in canola and water until browned:


Mmm, such a comforting and satisfying meal! I am about to indulge in a dainty little dessert of my dark chocolate pomegranate truffle that came from Brandi as part of my BSI: Spinach prize and some Italian cookie crumbles I brought home from our Valentine’s lunch at work on Friday:


Ahhhh, I just had a bite of the truffle … AMAZING!! Thanks, Brandi!


I’m off to attempt a repeat last night’s successful tea and reading in bed … though tonight’s reading may be more of the blog variety since I haven’t had a chance to read any all day! What’s your bedtime routine?

Also, you must go visit Beadie for the scoop on this week’s BSI and the amazing one-of-a-kind prize she is offering!

18 thoughts on “Plans may go awry …

  1. Beadie says:

    I am a bit embarassed by my bed time routine. I typically fall asleep watching tv 😦 I am trying to get in the habit of reading before bed.

    Those truffles looks SO good!! I want that praline one!!!

    Thanks for the shout out and sweet compliment about my prize!


  2. Lindsay says:

    your pumpkin kibbi looks great – i just pulled up the recipe and its full of all my favorites!

    ahhh those truffles just sparked a major chocolate craving in me so i think i’m going to pull out my whole foods meringues ~ at least they are crap-free!


  3. Olga says:

    My bed routine is reading to make me sleepy and since it’s mostly homework reading, I pass out pretty quick =]

    However, yesterday I decided to look through SELF magazine and stayed up an hour later than planned! oooppss

    that apple pumpkin thing with the holy trinity of spices looks decadent!


  4. marafaye says:

    I am definitely stealing your “treats in the empty kleenex box” thing. GENIUS!

    Bedtime routine: go upstairs at 9 p.m. (yes, that early), put on the TV on FoodTV with a 30 minute timer. Passed out by 9:30!


  5. foodsthatfit says:

    I just printed your pumpkin kibbi recipe! I love anything with pumpkin in it, sweet or savory! I am so excited to try it! Thank you!


  6. Erin says:

    Thanks for the comment. It really made me feel better about my post! I have a proclivity for talking about weird things that should not be brought up. It’s sort of amazing at time the convos I get into.


  7. snackface says:

    Haha I love the “holy trinity” of spices- so true! Uhh, this week I’ve had NO bedtime routine. Just read and study until I can’t handle it anymore and then go to bed.


  8. Sweetie Pie says:

    I bought a few truffles on the post v’tine’s day sale at Whole Foods and have been savoring them this week. A girl needs her chocolate!

    I try to get in bed with a big cup of hot chamomile tea (which I read about years ago in French Women Don’t Get Fat as a great little habit to give you an extra boost of hydration right before sleep) and whatever book I’m reading around 10:00. I like the Celestial Seasonings Honey Chamomile tea. It is so good and soothing. By the time my tea is gone, I’m usually ready to sleep.


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