Work, taco, work, taco, class, taco

Comí muchos tacos hoy.

But it all started with an orange at 10:30 am to fuel me through my 11:00 visit:


I got back to the office slightly after noon, just in time for the parents’ group with Inginia. For the group, Inginia made spaghetti with chunky tomato sauce, chicken, and corn. It was such good comfort food and of course became my lunch even though I had brought one from home. I had two small bowls:


And then one of the moms in the group brought a surprise treat: homemade tacos!! I had two of these as well:


They had chicken and tomato inside, mmmm:


picture-044I probably would have eaten several (read: at least 7) more if I hadn’t had to run out at 1:40 to get to my 2:00 visit. On my way out of the office, I tried to placate the taco breath with this candy. The jar is out of mints again, so I grabbed what appeared to be a cinnamon … but it was cherry, blech. I ate it anyway.

picture-052As soon as I got back from my visit, the little girl I see for counseling arrived, so no time for a snack! Immediately following our session, however, I rustled through the tissue box for the last Russell Stover dark chocolate of the four I swiped from Jessica’s Valentine’s stash last week.

Here’s the inside in all its raspberry caramel goodness:


I left work at 5:20 and made my way down to Hunter for class … which was actually interesting tonight. Probably because we talked about some of my favorite topics: infant brain development, parent-infant attachment, etc. Class started at 6, and by 6:15, I had broken out a “dinner” cup of work leftovers. On top of the cup are some samples of manchego cheese (yum!) I scored from the gourmet deli that’s right by school. I chopped up the cheese and mixed it into a bit of leftover corn from lunch:


On top of the corn in the cup was another taco — this one was left over from my coworker Nydia’s lunch, and she donated it to the feed-Sarah cause :-P. Her taco was from a restaurant and had some sort of potato-bean-meat mix inside. I normally despise potatoes, but the taco had enough flavor and texture variety that the taters didn’t really bother me:


And on top of that taco was another one of the chicken tacos from lunch (I swiped it as I left the group this afternoon to head out for my visit). For dessert part 1 around 6:45, I had the yogurt I packed this morning (with the intention of eating it for lunch part 2):


In addition to 1/2 cup yogurt, the mix also had chopped strawberries, chopped banana, and a sprinkle of kashi golean crunch.

Dessert part 2 at 7:09 (I held out as long as I could!) was a cute little apple along with two dates and two prunes:


And dessert part 3 — one of the chocolate brownie mini-luna handouts from running club — happened the moment I got home at 8:58 because my tum had started growling again:


So in conclusion, I ate lots of reasonably portioned, healthyish food today. Expansion status: under control :-D.

And now for a few announcements/suggestions:

1) I won this week’s BSI: Kale for my kale-crust pizza! I’m thrilled about this for two reasons: (a) I am proud of my recipe! and (b) I got to choose one of these gorgeous handmade beaded earrings as my prize. Thanks again for hosting, Beadie! SweetiePie from Just Sweet Enough has taken over the reins for this week’s BSI. Go check her post tonight for more details and the new ingredient!

2) I’m glad you all enjoyed the cupcake post from my amazingly talented multi-tasking buddy, The Professional Vegan. I know that some of you have questions about the specific recipe and its components (i.e. what the heck is vegan buttercream??). Because the recipe is from a cookbook and there is this crazy thing called a copyright law, I can’t post it for you. But I’m sure that if you go post a comment here and ask nicely, the PV would be happy to share her baking secrets with you on an individual basis.

3) And finally, Heather and Mark at HangryPants have a giveaway of something scrumptious underway. Check their post here for info about entering the contest!

14 thoughts on “Work, taco, work, taco, class, taco

  1. Sweetie Pie says:

    I had tacos this evening too. I wonder if taco eating is contagious via the internet!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this week’s BSI! Congrats again on your win last week and your awesome recipe!


  2. luckytastebuds says:

    oooh your mentions of those classes (infant development and such) TOTALLY brings me back to college. I miss those classes. 🙂 It’s so impressive that you have the energy to work, go to class, go to the gym, make your own meals…I’m just super impressed!!!

    Oooh and that is definitely my favorite Luna bar. Their bars tend to taste like chemicals right?? Or is it just me?


  3. Heather Eats Almond Butter says:

    Mmm…the tacos looked good, but not as good as that chocolate caramel goodness!

    Congrats on your BSI win. I have your kale pizza bookmarked. I went to make it yesterday, but realized I didn’t have much for toppings. It will be on the menu soon!

    Happy Tuesday Sarah!


  4. Erin says:

    Congrats again on your win! I really want to make it, it sounds so tasty.
    You sure are a busy lady! Everything looks wonderful and I’m yet again amazed at your proclivity for obtaining yummy food.


  5. mom says:

    Guess what? I tried the kale pizza crust,only with oat bran and corn meal instead of whole wheat flour(it’s what I had). It was delicious! I topped it with red and green peppers, slivered red onions, broccoli, chopped tomatoes , and oregano over garlic tomato sauce, then part-skim mozzerella slices,then in the oven,—what a hit! Thanks for the idea-I look forward to some more. Love, Mom


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