Run for your doughnut

I spent the morning wrestling with this crazy orange. Well, maybe I only spent 9.34 minutes wrestling with it, but it was enough to make me late for my visit. The darn skin was on so tight and by the time I got it all off, it was past the time when I needed to leave. So I took the orange with me at 10:47 and inhaled it as I speed-walked from the office to the visit, causing me to arrive at the apartment with frozen solid orange-fingers. The offensive fruit:


I got back to the office at 12:17 and sat down for lunch at 12:41 with all the ladies. (Yeah, I’m totally ballparking all these exact times.) Lunch today was the lunch I had packed for yesterday and forgone in favor of tacos and Inginia’s spaghetti. Four stuffed kale leaves (cold) and half of a baked sweet potato (hot):


I also enjoyed a bite of Belkis’ colorful and delicious tuna salad:


And a little over a cup of Mildred’s chicken noodle soup:



Plus a leaf or two of Inginia’s steamed kale because I can’t get enough, apparently:


Lunch dessert was another 1/2 cup yogurt with chopped strawberries, chopped banana, and a sprinkle of kashi golean crunch:


Ummmm, did I just say lunch dessert? I meant lunch part … 7? (I’ve lost count.) Because this was actually lunch dessert:


Mmmmmhmmmm, just look at that raspberry filling:


I’ve been saving that guy in my tissue box since Rosalie gave it to me last week, and there are still more where it came from! Looooove chocolate filled with things like that. It’s like a cadbury egg (my favorite candy) … except that it’s a square and dark chocolate and fruity instead of, hmmm, yellow?

3:30 snack was a bag of air:


Oh, whoops, did I say air? I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight. I meant to say a bag full of chocolate-drizzled Quaker mini delights:


They may as well have been air, though. They tasted fine, but my tummy had no clue whatsoever that it had just been fed. Luckily I went into another session at 4, so I didn’t have the chance to pour a candy jar down my throat or do something equally productive.

Post-work and pre-run, while still at the office a bit after 5, I made myself a sweet little 400-calorie “snack” (aka dinner). I picked this bar up (along with approximately five others) during a staff meeting last month:


And I decided that tonight was the perfect night to christen it (with a few embellishments of course). I heated the bar in the microwave for 30 seconds and almost stopped there … but inspiration struck:


I placed a Hershey’s Kiss from the tissue box on top of the hot banana nut bar and let it melt:


And then — are you ready? — I swirled about a tbsp of peanut butter into the chocolate:


It tasted terrible.

JOKE! It was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing:


As I walked out at 5:32, I popped a werther’s in my mouth to “fuel” me through the four-block walk to the subway station:


Kate and I did four miles at The Club. Stats, including an additional 10 minutes of warmup/stretching: 48 minutes, 338 calories, 136 average heart rate, 166 max. Nike still hasn’t brought the post-run fruit buffet back (grrrr), but I did snag about 10 caramel nut brownie mini-lunas (the only flavor I tolerate). At this rate, my mini-Luna stash is going to outlive me — I eat them so infrequently because they taste like chemicals. On the train ride home, Kate and I celebrated Fat Tuesday with half a donut and half an apple each:


(The girl who took this picture asked where we were visiting from. I replied, “Oh, we actually live here. I just like to take pictures of myself with food …”)

I did not know today was Fat Tuesday or even what Fat Tuesday really was until I read this post about donuts at Bites of the Day. All I knew was that the nurses (of all people) at my agency were enjoying an unusually exciting meeting in the conference room, mere inches from my desk. When I saw them extract a bakery-fresh box of donuts, my eyes kind of turned into donut magnets and did not let the box out of my sight. The nurses all took off for the day before I did, leaving three donuts remaining on the conference room table to go stale overnight, the horror. I had to intervene. I convinced Nydia and Katty that they needed donuts stat, and I kept the third one for myself (or for splitting with Kate after the run). Here’s my sugar-coated fluffy bundle of joy:


I was home by 8:26 (yay for no subway drama!). I nibbled while prepping tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch and then ate these from the kitchen table centerpiece:


And that concludes my day as seen through the lens of food :-).

Also, look at this: a free Kashi meal!

And another giveaway alert: go see what Mara’s got for you at What’s For Dinner?!

Are you still awake?

14 thoughts on “Run for your doughnut

  1. AnAppleADay says:

    I really love your posts. You make me laugh so much!!!!

    BTW Loving your creation of hershy kiss + PB on a odwalla bar. so creative! ;]

    I’m so looking forward to reading more of your blogs. heeheehee. am i sounding like a stalker? hahah I hope not.


  2. snackface says:

    Brilliant creation with the odwalla, pb, kiss! Cannot go wrong with those flavor profiles! Oh, and those darn mini delights are tricky! They taste good, but don’t do a darn thing for hunger–no thanks! Actually I’d totally still eat them, just before eating a ton of other stuff to fill the void. Love your mardi gras celebration! Have a good night’s rest!


  3. marafaye says:

    I had NEVER THOUGHT of doing that to an Odwalla bar…but now, I just might have to try it! OH and those Ghiradelli squares with the raspberry? Almost as good as the caramel ones 🙂


  4. Daddy says:

    “It tasted terrible. JOKE! It was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.” You had me going for half a second. You are so funny. I’m working on inventing an E-Z Peel Orange… the peelability of a clementine but the taste of an orange. I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep up the good work. Love, Your Dad


  5. foodsthatfit says:

    I don’t know how I missed the stuffed kale leaf recipe, but you are a genious! I love, love, love Dolmas and get them whenever I can find them fresh as stores. Your recipe sounds so good, I just printed it out! Thank You!


  6. Sweetie Pie says:

    The Hersheyfied bar topping was brilliant!!

    I kind of agree with you on the bag of air… I mean mini-delights. They don’t really do a lot for me aside from the pleasant little crunch.

    I really love donuts. I don’t have them often, but that just makes it more of an event when I bite into one. YUM YUM and YUM!!


  7. fitforfree says:

    I’m jealous of your co-workers’ food! it looks so yummy! and I agree — quaker mini delights = air (with a hit of chemicals)!

    I used to go on those nike runs half for the run itself and half for that awesome buffet — sorry to hear that it’s not there anymore! Once they even gave us free jamba juice after the run! once I am able to run 3 miles without stopping I’m going to go back 🙂


  8. Meghann says:

    You know I never realized Donuts were a tradition of Fat Tuesday until yesterday.. I always thought it was all about the King cake, but apparently donuts worked their way in some how?


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